What are the different ways to build a strong personal brand on YouTube?

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Growing a brand digitally is not such an easy task. You need to keep track of a lot of things in order to progress and grow your brand digitally. Nowadays video content is the most highly engaging form of content that most of the brands are using in order to stay connected with their audience. When it comes to videos, YouTube is the perfect platform for that. Here are the different ways to build a strong personal brand on YouTube:

1. Choosing the appropriate name for your YouTube Channel

One of the most important steps if you are trying to build a strong personal brand on YouTube is choosing the most suitable name for your YouTube channel. Your channel name will have a direct relation with your brand so try to be specific while name g your channel. Your YouTube channel name should be closely related to the type of content your brand will be dealing with so that your audience finds it easier to connect with you and your brand without facing any kind of hindrance at all. 

Your channel name will showcase an impression upon your audience so try to keep it short, simple, bold and interesting. Think of giving a unique name to your channel as uniqueness attracts a much larger section of the audience. Use keywords while naming your YouTube channel as keywords play a vital role in the YouTube algorithm. YouTube SEO highly depends on keywords so if you want to see your channel in the top search list then you need to use suitable keywords that are closely related to your channel.

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2. Entertain your viewers

When it comes to growing as a brand on a social media platform like YouTube, there are certain things that you need to do in order to succeed and grow. One of those most important and vital aspects is matching your audience’s energy. If you want to grab the attention of your viewers then you either need to be funny or entertaining so that people love to watch your content.

 Different audience groups seek different content. The vibe of every niche is completely different from that of the other. You need to cater your content according to the needs of your viewers if you want to bring in some more traffic to your YouTube channel. Try to be unique from the other creators as people love to enjoy uniqueness. With the help of the YouTube live streaming feature, you can now organize weekly or daily live streams where your subscribers can stay connected with you. If you are worried about getting less viewership during a live stream there is a solution for you. Now anyone can easily Buy YT live viewership from some website and get more attention to your channel.

 There are different genres of people in this industry. Now it is up to you and your brand what kind of genre of content you will be dealing with. Try to deliver the best content possible to your viewers so that they come back to your YouTube channel again to watch more of your content in the near future.

3. A YouTube Banner

If you are trying to build an online presence then one of the most important things that you need to do is to create a proper banner for your YouTube channel. Channel headers or Banners are the most vital aspects of a YouTube channel. Your audience will have an impression about your channel just by looking at the header or the banner. 

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As you all know that our first impression is our last impression so as a brand you need to be creative enough while making the banner for your YouTube channel. There are certain things that you should keep in your mind while making the banner, firstly the banner should be clean and well organized. The words on the banner should be easy to read on a desktop, mobile or on any of the devices. 

The banner should be closely related to your YouTube channel. It should showcase an impression about the true niche of your channel to your audience so that they find it much easier to connect with you and your channel. The YouTube channel banner should consist of a brand logo along with its slogan because it will help you to promote your brand and build its strong online presence.

4. Focus on Thumbnails

Growing your Brand on such a highly competitive social media platform like YouTube is not as easy as it sounds like. You need to do something unique and extraordinary in order to stand out alone from the rest of the groups. Talking about YouTube, thumbnails really play a vital role. Brands should put more focus while creating thumbnails for their YouTube videos as your audience will get their first impression about your brand and your YouTube channel from these thumbnails only. 

If you want to give your YouTube channel a branded look then try to make thumbnails for your videos that do not look identical in nature but they should complement each other. This can be achieved by keeping certain elements consistent like the font, colors and the templates. This will eventually help your audience to spot your videos easily among so many different videos that will appear on their search results list. 

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Try to keep some trademark elements of your brand in your every YouTube video thumbnail as it will help you to gain more traffic for your channel and will also help you to promote and grow your brand.

5. Metadata should be optimized

Metadata is basically certain aspects of your content that YouTube algorithm mainly analyzes and ranks your videos accordingly and displays it to the audience. Data points like the title of your YouTube video, the first hundred words of your video description, keywords and relevant hashtags play a major part in optimizing your Metadata.

 If you want to grow your brand on YouTube and you want to make your YouTube videos discoverable among the audience then you need to put more focus on these data points. Do not overuse keywords or use any kind of irrelevant keywords in your videos as it hinders the growth of your video under the YouTube algorithm. Also avoid using too many hashtags in your video description.

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